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Regulatory requirements and Insurer’s requirements are always changing and you may not want to update your monthly bordereaux as this can be a costly and time consuming exercise. By accessing your data we can extract the required information to satisfy insurers requirements. This can then be available at any time and will update on a regular cycle to suit you.



  • Quick and economical solutions to insurer requirements

  • Ad-Hoc reports for your own projects and consideration

  • Export all data to Excel for your own manipulation

  • Bespoke colour themes and logos to match your brand

bdx validations.PNG

Report Examples


  • ELTO “bordereau”

  • Validate your written data against bordereau production to cut down on time consuming queries

  • Set notifications on key referral points to reduce bordereau queries before production

  • Document production stats to satisfy conduct risk requirements

  • Key Risk Indicator reporting

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